Dont hurt yourself (HIM or HER)

Don't try to force things with him. you can't force consistency. you can't force attention. You can't force effort. You can't force undrstanding. you can't force patience. you can't force loyalty. You can't force honesty. you can't force trust. you can't force commitment. You can't force a connection.

The love that used to be there is no longer there and it hasn't been for awhile and as much as you want it back, you can't force it to happen bcoz by forcing it. you're only making things worse. you're actually forcing other things to happen. You're only driving him further away you. You're only causing more distance between you two. You're only building more resentment towards one another. you're only giving him more reason to not care.

You're only showing him how controlling you can be. You're only implying how desperate you are. Don't do that to him, but more importantly, don't do that to yourself. To youu, you're fighting to make things work and to save the relationship. But the truth, is you're only disappointing yourself when things don't meet the expectations you've set and that will only hurt you moree.

Please don't hurt yourself for someone who genuinely wouldn't be affected too deeply if it were to end bcoz it isn't worth it and it stopped being worth it awhile ago and deep down, you knw it did. He may love you enough to make you feel loved every day anymore and thats not someone you should waste anymore to yourself with. So, stop forcing love bcoz its either there or it isn't and if it isn't, you shouldn't be either.