Swan Song

Dear beautiful strong Woman,
Rest your mind, its not your fault.
Some men never grown up, they just grow older.

A man's maturity Level and readiness for commitment has less to do with age and more to do with his mindset. Just bcoz he's older doesn't necessarily means he's any more ready for a relationship today than he was 3, 5-10 years ago.

Her heart is played
like well-worn strings
in her eyes,
the sadness sings
of one who was destined
for better things.  

Lasty, she don't care

You're the one who hurt her. and you're acting like she hurt you. You're the one who lied her 
and you're blaming her for her trust issues.

You're the one who talks to other girls behind her back, and you're getting mad when she talks to her guy friends.

You're the one who doesn't gve her enough attention and you're getting upset when she doesn't text you back fast enough.

You're the one who doesn't make any time for her and you trippin when things get busy for her.

You're the one who always making mistakes and you're saying she loves pick fights with you. 

You're the one who doesn't understand her. and you're making her feel likes shes crazy for feeling the way she does. 

You're the one who mistreats her and you're playing the victim claiming she isn't good to you. 

You're the one who makes her miserable and you're making it seem like you're unhappy bcoz of her.

You're the one who doesn't put any effort in and you're coming off like she isn't trying her hardest. 

you're the one who doesn't love her and you believe that shes the one who doesn't care.

Try to get over

When a girl tries to get over a guy, it's hard for her, cause when a girl gets attached to a guy, she's sticks to him and it's hard for her to un-attach herself from him, cause when a girl actually loves a guy, she loves hard, too hard, more than she's supposed to. I mean, she tries to flirt with other guys, she tries to hang out with other guys but she just can't seem to get over that one dude that impacted her life. And she always finds herself running back to him.

Apart in Distance but ..


 Long distance relationship are hard.
Reallyy Hard.
and not everybody truly undrstands that.
There are more reasons to fight, more reasons to argue and more reason to stress. you have to put twice as much effort, twice as much patience and twice as much trust in order to make it work. The distance, however, gives those couples a reason to love harder than regular couples do. Regular couples gets to we each other whenever they want, while long distance couples hve to wait long periods of time to see each other and when they do, its only for a short period of times as well and when its time to leave, thats the worst part about it all bcoz you don't want to leave. it hurts to leave, knowing it'll be awhile until you see that person again. So every moment those cpls spend time together matter. They dont take holding hands, long hugs and kisses for granted.

Whats Amazing is that, although these couples are far apart from each other closer than that person and thats how you know its real and pure love.

Apart in Distance but never apart in hearts. If the Hearts is Loyal.

To all Men

To all Men ..
 Before you start a relationship with a Lady, you must think carefully about what you are about to do. A relationship is not something you should rush into or handle lightly.

Are you ready for relationship with her? are you emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature to meet her needs?

Being sexuality attracted to her means absolutely nothing. it isn't a sign of likeness, love or any other thing your mind may come up with. It may just be your hormones messing with your mind. A woman is more than her body and her sexuality. She has a life which you should be able to blend with. Can you do that?

 This Lady has a history. Can you handle it? She has a past. Can you handle it? Can you handle her mistakes, failures and weaknesses? Can you handle her dreams without being intimidated and becoming jealous?

She already had life before she met you. Can you fit into and help improve her life?

Love is commitment. Are you ready to commit your life helping her grow and bcome all that she can be, by God's grace?

is she valuable enough for you to devote  a large portion of your life towards the accomplishment of her dream? Are you ready to pour your resources into making her all the God plans for her to be? if you are not ready, don't just bother.

Before you open your mouth to say iloveyou , ask yourself if this is not just a moment of emotional madness. A Lady needs much more than iloveyou. She needs your commitment.

If you are not ready to make that Commitment that will lead to marriage, please leave her alone in peace and stop wasting her time and resources.  

Friends that i cherish

To that friend whom I don't see more often,


These are the words to completely describe how i feel for you. i miss our happy times and i can't help but reminisce all the memories we shared. Always remember that nothing has changed. im still the same person you met long time ago. Friendship is not measured on how often you see each other but abt how you value each other even if you rarely see each other. Lets achieve our dreams and travel the world soon. Rest assured that im just at your back supporting on all your endeavors.

iloveyou and see you soon.  

Dont hurt yourself (HIM or HER)

Don't try to force things with him. you can't force consistency. you can't force attention. You can't force effort. You can't force undrstanding. you can't force patience. you can't force loyalty. You can't force honesty. you can't force trust. you can't force commitment. You can't force a connection.

The love that used to be there is no longer there and it hasn't been for awhile and as much as you want it back, you can't force it to happen bcoz by forcing it. you're only making things worse. you're actually forcing other things to happen. You're only driving him further away you. You're only causing more distance between you two. You're only building more resentment towards one another. you're only giving him more reason to not care.

You're only showing him how controlling you can be. You're only implying how desperate you are. Don't do that to him, but more importantly, don't do that to yourself. To youu, you're fighting to make things work and to save the relationship. But the truth, is you're only disappointing yourself when things don't meet the expectations you've set and that will only hurt you moree.

Please don't hurt yourself for someone who genuinely wouldn't be affected too deeply if it were to end bcoz it isn't worth it and it stopped being worth it awhile ago and deep down, you knw it did. He may love you enough to make you feel loved every day anymore and thats not someone you should waste anymore to yourself with. So, stop forcing love bcoz its either there or it isn't and if it isn't, you shouldn't be either. 

Anxiety Fighters

Dear fellow Anxiety fighters,

Monster surrounding your bed, throwing crumpled emotions in your head and piercing knives through your chest. You can hear them slowly whispering in your ears that you are the world's worst garbage. They will consume your being and contaminate your humanity. They will suck out all the happiness and leave you agony. Even the tiniest bit of self-esteem you own will be casted out from your body. Your single strand of confidence left will be plucked. They will bury you with misery and shame. They will make sure you suffer until all the blood of joy will be drained.

However, you can be territorial and claim dominion over things you own. The monsters are under you sovereignty. Their  choice of taking your optimism resides in you. Fight your way out of them. they are just your invisible servants trying to make you submissive. Strengthen your hold, encage whats left and be possessive. they can never realize your real worth, its like taking the lost monsters one by one and confining them inside your bottle of self-respect and value.