Feel the Heat

In the heat of an argument, she's gonna say a lot of hurtful things, she's gonna bring up your mistakes from the past, she's gonna talk over you when you try to make a point, she's gonna be all up on your face, she's gonna think she's right and you're wrong even when she's wrong and you're right.

She's gonna hate your guts and want nothing to do with you. but, she's like that only bcoz of how hurt she feels, how undervalued she feels, how unappreciated she feels, how frustrated she feels, how misunderstood she feels, how heartbroken she feels. Out of impulse, she might even go ahead and break up with you, but just knw that despite her being the way she is when you guys argue.

she'll always come back to you when her mind clears and she calmed down. even if you fvcked up. she'll be the one who comes bck to you bcoz she can't stay mad at you forever and she's always willing to compromise and make it work.