Its true and its like a Dust

“Walk away from anything or anyone who takes away from your joy. Life is too short to put up with fools.”
Assalammualaikum, today. Im gonna tell you 1 story that I want to let you all know. well, Im sorry if I wrote this. I knw its kinda bored and *bullshit* ... Like I say, I just want to let you knw only. So, Today is 20 Of Ramadan. am I write..? humpp. yaa :') Okeii, Lets start the story.

I actually confused about my feelings all this time, I dnt knw why. I was wondering years by years. Months by months. Weeks by weeks, Day by day. Minutes every minutes and Seconds every sconds :'/ is this stupid..? NO, surely nope. I hate this feelings. Feeling happy change into sadness. Feelin enjoy change into loneliness. Being a Noisy girl then change into silent. everything is change :'O

Ramaii urg kata, mereka nie trsngat rindu dngn ex boy/girl. They just missing someone that already left them behind. I knw this hard. I felt that too. but think again. Is that going you to remember until you die..? forever..? huh. idiot adalah bgi saya. *pdahal sndiri :') Yala. Ain mngaku. Ain pun rindu dngn ex ex ain yg lain tue tpii rindu pun sperti kwn. tpi itu bukan slalu la. paling pnting bgi ain and paling ain ingt adalah Ain rindu dngn kawan2 Ain.

kenangan2 yg tlah trcipta tak boleh d gmbrkan dan mainkan balik. Ain paling suka ingt moment2 brsama kwn Ain duluu smpai skrg. Rmai urg slah anggap. Urg lain pkir Ain rindu stengah matii sma moment brsama ex. ahaii. itu ain x brp ingt la. lupaaaaa kan sjalah itu. Ain lupakan. bukannya penting juga. paling pnting bgi Ain moment time sma kawan kan :')

Bagi Ain, jika seseorang itu tr'sngat bodoh yg ingn skali dan sngat2 sure mau imbas kmbali dan kira moment tue yg tr'penting yg tak dpt dlupakan kunun tue. humpp. smpai bila2 pun. Dy x akn move on dngn baik. Means. x brp trima the fact is true. Ain ckp nie betul arr. Bukan sahaja jak. Contoh, if One Day. kamu brsama dngn pengganti bru. katakan la pergi ke 1 tmpat atau prkara yg kmu buat membuat kmu tringt pda kisah yg lalu..? pa mcam..? kmu cnfirm akn brbicara dlm hati sja dan act teda apa2. pdahal pasangan anda d sbelah tahu. and it break his/her heart k. b'careful :')

Selain itu, Ain ingn mengaku lagii dan brcakap nie. humpp. Ain pndai menangis nie klau tringt kenangan dulu sma kawan2 even smentara sja. The moment that nver ever be repeat. Coz everything is ruin and change. Tdak mcam duluu. Moment brsama kawan la paling best kita mau ingt (y) brbanding dngn ex _|_

Entahlah, knpa Ain ingt moment dngn ex yg mnyakitkan saja. yg sweet sweet tue dlupakan. why..? kmu pun trtanya tnya..? well, buat apa mau ingt. itu x pnting :')
He/She with us.
Build a sweet moment together.
Now, the tittle just ex and be a Stranger.
One of this. has been destroy the smile into tears.
Beating heart bcome hard to breath.
We have to forgot about that sweet moment.
Coz if you remember it always. stick in your mind.
When you will get up and mve forward..?
You'll only get a regret feeling and cry hardly.
But, if we remember the sour moment. the bad one.
that make this Heart broken. Im bet sure. You;re gonna move on easily.
Coz its can be learn a lesson.
And realize, Oh. I deserve a better one than this.

Huh, faham ka ayat d atas tue..? Ain tau. bingung2 sikit ba kan..? haiih. susah btul Ain mau smpaikan nie :'/ sebab ain sdg menahannnn mnangis nie. </3
But try to think la and ambik ayat Ain nie. Ex bleh d cari pengganti. yg pngganti tue akan dpt membuat yg moment untk kmu bgus dri yg duluu tue. dan Kawan.? aiiyo. memang susah la mau carii person yg sama dan watak yg kita besa. So, think k. Tetapii, andai katalah. Kmu stupid juga. Tringin sngat sma ex balik ka apa. humppp. Plan B, *cari la jalan untk dptkan hatii c Dy. InsyAllah. Kmu boleh brsama smula :')

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

We can never go back and change what has been done but we can always learn lessons from it to make things better next time.
Lastly sentences, this is just a reminder. Don't be in a relationship with someone when you're lonely, Dnt be with someone incase just want to use them So you can frgot the past. Just be with him/her when the time is perfect. Heart been heal. No wounds. No scar left. be a Ready prson with income risk and start a new book with full of colourful storyline life :'(