The Girl ...

She's that shy, quiet girl, the one that everybody likes.
She is beautiful, without trying.
She's got the biggest heart, and a lot of love to give,
but no one to give it to.
She is truly a nice girl, and she always wears the biggest smile.
And every minute with her is worth its while.
But on the inside she is filled with pain.
She is far beyond lonely.
For her, it seems to only rain.
She really is a smart girl,
but she can't understand why they all leave her for those other girls.
She lies awake at night and asks herself,
what is wrong with her, what did she do wrong?
What do they have that she doesn't?
But in reality, there is nothing wrong with her.
No one has taken the time to just get to know her, to figure her out.
She's real, she's deep and for that reason she has to suffer.