New Light

when goodbye was said,
there it began
the careful tread -
the ones you chose
to love instead.

yet inside you glows
a candle lit
those years ago
and brighter still
it burns for him
a searing flame
to stave the dark
you hold within.

The honor the promise
you once made -
when you and he
were skin to skin,
and the brightest star
had ceased new light -
to herald new light,
born in his name.

Every time Im started to be happy, there's a sadness come into my day life. When I try hard to be a good girl to takecare good of peoples feelings, then people always make down. day by day, I patiently waiting and keep trying to takecare their feelings. And still same. People don't look and feel what I do all this time. Its ok. Im fine. Now, Im started to not care anymore. I stop taking care of peoples heart. Whats happen, then go on. I mean. Whatever happen, then go on laa. But, when im like that right now, people keep blame and asking, why im not taking care of their feelings? I silent. Firstime people asked me to takecare of their heart when im already plan to not care about it. So, at the end. Im thinking about peoples happiness. Their happiness is much important than mine. My happiness? If i knew and saw people surrounding me happy, then i might happy too :')


 Pahit pun itu, ku tersenyum.

ermmm. biarkanlah Aku yang membuat bahagiamu. Tiada sebab untuk menjaga hatiku lagi. Cukuplah demi kamu, Aku memberi hatiku ini sedikit rasa pedih. Aku hanya ingin melihat kebahagian d hari mu dan tiap detik saat d waktu itu. Hatiku tidak penting, kebahagian kamu adalah sangat penting bagi Aku sekarang.  Maaf sebab hanya ini Aku mampu. Aku akan jadi lebih terbaik untuk teruskan dan pastikan kegembiraan itu sentiasa ada. Keputusan ku sekarang, adalah memastikan orang sekeliling Aku ini, gembira dan bahagia. Biarlah Aku menjadi lilin, berkorban demi melihat senyum cerah d wajah mereka. Alangkah indahnya jikalau Ini berterusan sampai kehujung nafas :')
Disebabkan sayang, membuat diri ini sebegini. Tapi tidak mengapa, sebab Aku suda biasa.

catch badreams

why do you write sad things? he asked. When I am here, when iloveyou.

Because someday, in one way or another, you will be taken from me or I you. It is inevitable. But please understand, from the moment I met you, I stopped writing for the past. I no longer write for the present. When i write sad things, I am writing for the future :')


Hii NewYear

How to be happy this year :
Appreciate more. Expect Less 

Be grateful for the good times and keep the faith during bad times. Stay positive when life gives me or you every reason to be negative. 

I give you a Pen

I know you have seen things you wish you hadn't. You have done things you wish you could take back. and wonder why you were thrown into the thick of it all. Why you had suffer the way you did. and as you are sitting there alone and hurting, I wish I could put a pen in your hand and gently remind you how the world has given you poetry and now must give it back.