Its harder, even its harder ..

Just because my eyes do not show tears,
doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry,
and don't get hurt.

Just because i bcome out strong,
doesn't mean there is nothing wrong.
Often, i choose to pretend that im happy.

So, i don't hve to explain myself to people
who'll nver understand.
Smiling has always been easier that explaining why im sad.

i know, its not easy to forget you. mny things happen to us. and we've been through it together. No matter what happen rite..? well, thats the old story. Now? ermm. ask yourself. whats the matter darling? dnt really understand the situation is? errr. Just hope i hve a power and i can kill / destroy this damn feeling but it cant :'( i've tired been hurting, jealousy, worried, thinking of you. missing you. but at the end? you just do what you want without thinking of me. without think what will happen will be. haiiih.
i confused, betul ka apa sya buat nie? mcam2 suda dlm fikiran. tpi x juga sya ambik pduli btul. Im just fcus on my study. but YOUR shadow chased me. your voice whisper me. your touch i can still feel it. your heartbeat make my heartbeat faster too.
i miss your smile,
i miss your voice,
i miss your eye contact with me,
i miss your hug,
i miss all about you :'(
you didn't realize what you hve done, atau sengaja ka apa. but. haiiih. betul2 sya x fhm nie sma kau. sakithati nie. tau ka..? SAKIT. PEDIHH. smpai sya kasii hncur smua hadiah dan brg2 dri kau. sgala keychain sya kasi hncur. surat. gmbr sya kasii kuyak smua. betul2 sakitt suda hatii sya nie. brharap sya dpt kasii hncur kau juga mcam mna sya kasi hncur brg2 tue. hurrmm. i ask you why, you didn't answer properly. malahh, buat hal lain lgi.
Sehigga sya x pkir and x kesah psl hati kau. sya x pduli pa kau rsa. coz, kau pun x pndai pkir pa prasaan sya mcam mna. mnada kau pkir smua tue. klau iyaa pun. so knpa kita mcam gni nie? mau ckp sya idiot? stupid enough? baa. okei.