Anxiety Fighters

Dear fellow Anxiety fighters,

Monster surrounding your bed, throwing crumpled emotions in your head and piercing knives through your chest. You can hear them slowly whispering in your ears that you are the world's worst garbage. They will consume your being and contaminate your humanity. They will suck out all the happiness and leave you agony. Even the tiniest bit of self-esteem you own will be casted out from your body. Your single strand of confidence left will be plucked. They will bury you with misery and shame. They will make sure you suffer until all the blood of joy will be drained.

However, you can be territorial and claim dominion over things you own. The monsters are under you sovereignty. Their  choice of taking your optimism resides in you. Fight your way out of them. they are just your invisible servants trying to make you submissive. Strengthen your hold, encage whats left and be possessive. they can never realize your real worth, its like taking the lost monsters one by one and confining them inside your bottle of self-respect and value.