Reason cant Deny

why I choose him?

I choose him not only bcoz He choose me as well but bcoz He choose to see the painful parts of loving me.

I choose him not only to fill up the missing parts of me but bcoz He choose to hold my hand and make things right even if I am almost hopeless about living.

I choose him bcoz He saw the best parts of being me in my own world. He made me feel like a brand new person which I never felt from anyone else before.

I chose him bcoz I believed in his potential to stay with me even if the world will disagree.

I choose him bcoz I saw his tears fill up his eyes and that felt phenomenal and real. It was one of those truths about him that he's afraid to lose me.

I chose him bcoz I know his weaknesses and it complements my weaknesses too. 
I choose him bcoz everything i fell into its right places even if was never meant to be perfect but the best partner I could pray for.

I would still chose him if I have to live again in a different life.