Put yourself in my shoes

Maybe I had a bad day at home. Maybe im sick of the rain. Maybe im having the period from Hell. Or maybe I just need to be fed.

But the root of my mood is the least important thing right now.
Remember that im sorry.
If anything I said hurt to you, im sorry. I tend to say cruel things I don’t actually mean when im in a mood, but just bcoz they’re fueled by anger doesn’t mean that they dnt hurt you.

But remember that im also not sorry.
I wont apologize for having feelings. For being a person. Let me be. Let me feel. I knw it sucks, but this moment, im moody and theres nthing you can do to chnge that, except let me it all out, so it can go away.

Remember that im human.
We all hve good days, and bad days And sometimes I hve good days for absolutely no reason. And sometimes I hve bad days for absolutely no reason.

Remember that its not you.
If you were the problem, if you were the reason why im moody right now, trust me, you would know. Whatever it is, you need to let me feel it. No judgements.

Remember that iloveyou and youloveme.
Eventhough im being a total pain in the ass right now, remember that this is a part of me. This is a part of the women you love, the person you fell for.

Remember that you get into moods, too.
Im not crazy. Im just being crazy for the time being. And like me, you’re human. You do the same thing, while you dnt hve PMS, you definitely hve a time of the month whre you get moody as hell. So put yourself in my shoes – when you’re in a bad mood. How do want to be treated?

Remember that if I wanted to be alone, I would be alone.
You’re here, bcoz despite my mood. I need you by my side. I want you by my side. While it may not show, knowing you’re here with me makes me feel better. Bcoz you make me feel safe, like everthings gonna be okei.