Friendship? Bestfriends? what are these mean to you? Do you know what is it? Have you ever feel of hving a Friendship OR Bestfriend OR BOTH.

So, for my undrstanding about Friendship is, a group of people that are very close enough to enjoy a moments together. it doenst matter in among them are known for a long time, or just met which is short time. As long they feel comfortable and happy each other once they meet up and staying together. Friendship is only among them coz if hve newbie, it might feel a little bit awkward coz not feeling the same like bfore. In friendship also help and support each other in every tiny big situation. Friendship are not keep in secret from one another. Well, its already a best buddy and bcome Awesome friendship, why the hell you wanna keep a secret, right? if you keep a secret from your friend. you are not been called as Friendship. but Bullshit. You just a fake friends and worse than scumbag. Especially when you betrayed your own friend that knows and closes to you. Clearly, you're dont know anything about Friendship is. and you're not value them. See, like i said, you worse than scumbag.

And ... Bestfriends? ermm. For my undrstanding about Bestfriends is a person or few persons you've known for a longgg time in your life. They know about your life you've been through all these years, what you love and what you hate the most. Know what your background. Know about your past. Knw abt you've changing. and mostly almost everything deeply about you, only your bestfriends can and knw that. To make this clear, Our First bestfriends in our life is Our Parents. Second is Our Cousins then Third is Our Friends. You must know that

Bestfriends can be just near you all the time. or far apart distance from you. Not always you seeing each other, but they always there for you when you needed. Even theres a time you guys rare cntact each other bcoz bz study or other personal. But in mind and heart, they'll always remembers about you, care and trusts you.  and also theres a time you see your bff post pictures together with his/hers friends, that looks like closer. Then from that, you will feel jealous and a little bit sad. why? Ofcourse you are feeling that way, coz you Love your bff. ehehee. But you're not directly broke up Bff to your friend, coz you knw, you're matured. Come on. Dont act childish. Mybe over there we knw them happy with another friend, but deep inside, im sure they won't forgot about you easily. ehehe. so chill.   

Bestfriends mostly happen in same gender, like girl and girl. boy and boy. Coz with same gender, its easily to undrstand each other. They have their own story in between them. Probably examples, girls tells about shopping, food or sports? and boys probably mosttlyy talked about games, hangout, or sports? For my experience, yess, mostly they all like this and yes. It is easy to undrstand each other if same gender. And the important is, they would talked about needed help for opinion as a Man mybe? or got same interest, so how to improve smething? right? if girls, err. girls got a lot to do. to said. and to tell. Girls needed a girl bestfriend, mostly yes. It could mybe needed a listener and some advices? right? So, im sure You have bestfriends in your life, that very precious to you.

Then, how about girl and boy? Can they be a good bestfriends too? Ermm. well it can be Yes and it can be No. Depends on their hearts. If boy and girl be a bestfriends, people mostly said, One of them will fall inlove. Okeii, thats true. That i cant deny. It is true. Coz you dont cntrol your heart, your feelings to her. Waiitt ... Her? Hell yeahh, For my experience, Girls are not easy to fall inlove with her boy bestfriends. Its really rare for that happening. But for boys? hurrmm. Yes. They easily fall inlove with his girl bestfriends. and this is always happening in my life!! Everytime I got boys bestfriend, they would fall for me. and im not. err. Only 1 person im falling for. ehehe, he is my guy now ^^ So about the boys that easily falling, why? Coz they are a Man. Man easy been shot with a girl cuteness or actions. Then, once they feels like they in love, they might said anything zero meaning, for example, i never felt like this.. i felt this coz you.. you.. coz this... soooo Melody Dramaa.

Lastly, you get it already the difference between Bestfriends and Friendship. So, from now takecare of yours. Value them. and never betrayed them, either trust or backstabbing. DO NOT. Coz you'll regret if you do. and Every glass thats already broken, will never be the same once it been fix. If you wanna do shit in peoples life, better back off and go somewhere else. People's life is not a playground. Got it